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CodeVision Boot Uploader
Universal Boot Uploader Software for Memory Programming of AVR Chips
Password protected setup of the commercial version.
Setup Instructions
Log-in as Administrator under Windows
Unzip the downloaded file in a temporary directory
Run setup.exe to install.
Note: When installing the CodeVision Boot Uploader under Windows Vista, the User Account Control (UAC) must be disabled, as outlined below:
press the Windows button and click on the Control Panel link
in the Control Panel window, under the User Accounts and Family Safety, click on the Add or remove user accounts link
a new window will open, click on the Go to the main User Accounts page link located at the bottom of the window
a new window will open, click on the Turn User Account Control on or off link located at the bottom of the window
in the new window that will open, uncheck the Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer check box and press the OK button to confirm
the computer will have to be restarted for this setting to become effective.
After UAC has been disabled, you may proceed with the CodeVision Boot Uploader installation:
run the CodeVision Boot Uploader installer
after the installation is complete, right click on the CodeVision Boot Uploader icon on the desktop
select Properties in the popup menu that will open
a new window called CodeVision Boot Uploader Properties will open
select the Compatibility tab
check the Privilege Level|Run this program as an administrator check box and press the OK button to confirm.
The software is locked to the computer on which it is installed.
The license can be transferred in about 15 seconds from one PC to another by contacting our license server.
If there is no Internet connection, you can contact HP InfoTech by e-mail to perform an off-line license transfer
using the removal code displayed by the software and an activation file supplied by us.
There is no time limitation for the license operation or number of transfers between computers.