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Integrated Development Environment for the 8-bit Atmel AVR, AVR8X and XMEGA Microcontrollers
The CodeVisionAVR IDE features a built-in In-System AVR Chip Programmer, which allows automatic programming after a successful compilation.
The following programmers are supported:
Atmel STK500 (serial connection)
Atmel STK600 (USB connection)
Atmel AVRISP (serial connection)
Atmel AVRISP MkII (USB connection)
Atmel AVR Dragon (USB connection)
Atmel JTAGICE MkII (USB connection)
Atmel JTAGICE 3 (USB connection)
Atmel-ICE (USB connection)
Atmel mEDBG (USB connection) - requires Atmel Studio 7 to be installed
Atmel AVR910 Application Note (serial connection)
USBASP original or clone (USB connection)
Kanda Systems STK200 and STK300 (LPT parallel port connection)
Vogel Elektronic VTEC ISP (LPT parallel port connection)
Dontronics DT006 (LPT parallel port connection)